Position: Staff Attorney

Job Summary/Introduction:

Global Law Group is looking for a Staff Attorney to join the rapidly growing South Pasadena office. This position will report directly to the President and work closely with the Production Supervisor.

Job Duties:

  • Represent clients in all aspects of work product within the filing package; specifically EB-5 (I-829) and other projects (pertaining to production process).
  • Skillfully identify a matter’s strategy issues for discussion at the initial case strategy meeting.
  • Produce work that is free of errors, inconsistencies and inaccuracies and is in accordance with a case's legal strategy.
  • Complete all necessary legal and factual research to acquire adequate substantive knowledge in advance of producing the legal writing.
  • Undertake legal analysis supported by sound legal doctrine for a matter.
  • Provide responses/advice to case manager inquiries which are derived from legal resources, reliable and consistent with the matter’s case strategy.
  • Manage clients through prompt updates and communications.
  • Work closely with supervising attorneys on specific cases when required, along with case managers.
  • Develop a strong liaison between clients and third-party professionals.
  • Complete case writing or analysis assignments within assigned budget and time allowance.
  • Handle a large caseload while emphasizing quality of work and timeliness.
  • Attend client meetings at the request of the Consultation Department to respond to client inquiries.
  • Be available to attend external office meetings.


1. J.D. from an accredited U.S. law school with top academic credentials (or emphasis in business litigation, or similar background).

2. Admittance to a U.S. state bar.

3. Bilingual in English and Mandarin preferred.

4. 7-12 years of experience with immigration law.

5. Fundamental knowledge of EB-5 immigration law practice.

6. Computer literacy in Microsoft office.

7. Excellent legal writing skills.

8. Ability to think outside the box.

9. Experience managing high volume of case loads and strong time management skills.

10. Keen attention to details.

11. Willingness to travel as needed.

If interested, please send your resume to, Attn:  HR Manager,

Position: Case Manager (Bilingual English/Chinese)

Job Summary/Introduction:

We are an immigration law firm focusing on EB-5 matters seeking a dynamic and organized Case Manager to join our team! The right person will bring a strong attention to detail, self-motivation and the ability to produce quality work in a short period of time.

Essential Job Duties

  • Manage case production timeline.
  • Closely review all package documentation and perform review to ensure document is consistent, accurate and is error-free.
  • Coordinate responses to clients to provide case-related communications.
  • Act as liaison between client and third-party professionals to ensure all parties are informed of strategies and deadlines.
  • Provide timely case status updates to production manager and manage active case load to ensure timely filings.
  • Complete legal research as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field a strong plus.
  • Previous case production management experience (minimum of 1-2 years).

Interested candidates may submit a resume in confidence for immediate consideration to Attn:HR Manager. Please include your minimum salary requirements.

Position: I-526 Case assistant

Job Summary/Introduction:

Essential Job Duties:

  • 在指定期限内完成由案件经理交代的任务; 在共分享文件下协助完成的时间条目管理并按要求准备战略备忘录。
  • 打印并整理所有可用的客户信息。
  • 在案件收到24小时内,为案件经理安排战略会议并确保完成填写战略备忘录。
  • 以书面总结记录所参与的战略会议,并放进相对应的蓝色案件档案内作为参考。
  • 与客户/经纪人/代理人沟通以便及时的探讨资金来源及收集相关的证明文件。
  • 与被指派给案件的经理和律师咨询案件有关的问题与客户协调并回答案件相关问题。
  • 主动为客户提供案例状态更新。
  • 按中英文的需要为客户翻译所受到的通知。.
  • 与案件经理(和/或第三方专业人士)进行协调以便准备资金来源报告和案件备忘录。检查资金来源证明文件的准确性与一致性以便为最后审查做准备。
  • 根据案例审阅以及律师的注释,对资金来源报告做出完整的更新和修改。
  • 根据需要准备第二部分备忘录和/或I-526的说明信。
  • 准确地依据客户信息准备G-28,I-526和1145的表格。
  • 上传所有文件到服务器,并确保在客户端的文件夹中文件的准确编制。
  • 准备客户的最终备案包,并在邮寄之前由案件经理做出最终审查及批准。
  • 及时向案件经理提供案件状况报告。
  • 在指定的预算费用和时间内完成案件工作。
  • 在规定的期限和预算费用范围内完成案件任务。


  • 法学、经济法或国际经济法本科或以上学历。
  • 2年以上的扎实的工作经验,有投资移民工作经验优佳。
  • 计算机文化与MS Office程序。
  • 英文熟练(六级以上)。
  • 注重过程,运用时间管理技能完成如期指定任务。
  • 目标明确,注重细节。
  • 具有高度组织能力及跟进能力。
  • 注重准确度。
  • 良好的沟通及客户协调能力,具有团队合作精神。
  • 具有自我激励能力且主动性强。

Interested candidates may submit a resume in confidence for immediate consideration to Attn:HR Manager. Please include your minimum salary requirements.

Position: 咨询部助理

Job Summary/Introduction:


  • 确保所有公司的营销材料一应俱全,包括正在进中的起草与更新材料,并进行客户端分配使用以及复制和补充。
  • 利用所有必要信息来准确的完成客户表格。
  • 为潜在客户准备及协调法律服务协议,发票和电汇指示并及时跟进。
  • 为客户创建可指示法律服务开始的新文件;该文件应准确包含所有相关的客户端文件,并转发到案件处以便任务分派。
  • 安排并维护活动/会议/日程表/咨询部内会议。
  • 准备电话通信/会议日程/会议总结。
  • 向指派部门主管提供行政支持。
  • 创建可电子式管理的CLIO客户端案件文档,以及直至收到执行法律服务协议,收取首期付款,包括额外费用后的一切案件相关程序,。
  • 准确输入在CLIO中客户信息及证明文件,确保收集到的信息的可靠性,并根据需要修改。
  • 在CLIO系统 中输入花在每个潜在客户文件中的时间以及当天所完成的活动。


  • 本科或以上学历
  • 英语良好(六级以上)
  • 工作认真细致
  • 良好的沟通及客户协调能力,具有团队合作精神
  • 2年或以上的法律方面工作经验,有投资移民工作经验优佳
  • 做事主动,有良好的系统逻辑处理能力
  • 法学专业优先考虑
  • 有外资企业工作经验者优先考虑。

Interested candidates may submit a resume in confidence for immediate consideration to Attn:HR Manager. Please include your minimum salary requirements.